Thursday, 29 October 2009

V8 Holden customer drops by.

We built the Supercharged and stroked V8 engine for this customer about a month ago. Today he stopped by to show us the engine installed in his pride and joy. Nice! and it sounds even better, very lumpy idle.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Turbo Honda build gets under way

The B20B block has been grout filled and the top of the block bridged to create strength. This is a cheaper option than fitting the Darton liners we normally use with these types of builds. This build will be documented in our "Current Projects" Page of our website.

New RB30 build starts

The boss working on a R34 GTR cylinder head. He's in the process of heating up the head to remove the standard valve guides, so he can install some of Hytech Engines own Beryllium Copper Valve Guides which are much stronger and more reliable than the standard guides. To see the build process of this RB30 build check out our "Current Projects" page and click on NISSAN RB30DET BUILD link. This will be updated as we go.