Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Custom made front axles for Evo 1-3.

After snapping numerous front axles in our Evo 1 Drag Car, we decided to make our own axles to handle the demands of big horsepower and drag racing. We are finally ready to start testing the axles.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

4 & Rotary Nationals 2012

We had a number of customer cars at the 2012 4 & Rotary Nationals Show and Shine.

The drag racing at Meremere the following day didn't go as planned for us. The last time we raced at Meremere we managed to snap 3 axels launching off the line. We only had time to change 2 axels before this event, so the first thing we did when we got to the track was replace the remaining broken axel. We then had to fix the launch control which stopped working. Turned out to be a broken wire, which was quickly sorted out. Our first pass was a little unsettling, at 3/4 track the car dived off to one side so we had to back off throttle resulting in a time of 10.9 sec @ 140mph. The second pass was even more unsettling. Just after launching off the line the car dived to the right so we backed off throttle, then got back on full throttle, then again at 3/4 track the car dived off to the right again, so we backed off completely and coasted to the finish line resulting in a time of 11.5 sec @ 102mph. Instead of risking crashing the car into the wall, we decided to call it a day and put the car on the trailer.