Evo Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit - Out of Stock
Reduces rotating mass.
Free up horsepower.
Provides extra oil pump gear support. 
Improved engine reliability.
Comes with new blanking plug and balance shaft bearings.                            
Price: $300 NZD inc GST.

Nissan RB Oil Pump Drive Collar
Oil pump failure will never be your friend, no matter how much you try.  Adding a machined steel oil pump drive collar to your Nissan RB series engine will increase the length of drive that comes in contact with your oil pump, helping reduce the risk of failure.
Price: $80 NZD inc GST

Nissan RB Bronze Valve Guides - Out of Stock
The factory RB26 valve guides will happily stand up to the factory hp levels as they’re only made from cast iron. Once you start to up the power levels & push the car beyond 7000rpm they begin to develop hair line cracks & will soon destroy themselves, along with your valve stems. Fitting a set of bronze valve guides will give engine reliability to levels 7000rpm & beyond.
Price: $480 NZD inc GST (set)

Nissan RB Oil Restrictor
The stock oil orifice has a hole that's too large which allows too much oil to be delivered to the cylinder head which will cause excess blow by, leaking oil through valve guides, insufficient oil delivery to crank journals. 
Ours comes with 1.2mm hole size. 
We can widen to 1.5mm if needed. 
Price: $10 NZD inc GST each. 

RB26DETT - Forged Short Block - SOLD!
Acid dip cleaned, crack tested, bored, honed & painted.
Block sleeved & decked.
New JE forged pistons (0.5mm oversize).
New Dodson H-Beam forged conrods.
New ACL race series bearings.
Balanced crank, rods & pistons.
New rear main seal.
New frost plugs.
New Hytech oil pump drive collar.
Price: $7,250 NZD inc GST or $6,250 NZD on exchange.

Mitsubishi Evo 1-3 "Race Spec" Cylinder Head - SOLD!
Acid dip cleaned.
Hardness & crack tested.
Ported & polished.
5 angle valve cut.
Suface milled head.
Cut valve seats.
Bronze valve guides.
New valve stem seals.
Heavy duty springs & titanium retainers.
1mm oversize valves.
Price: $3,500 NZD inc GST or $3,000 NZD on exchange.