Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Drag racing can be a frustrating sport at the best of times - then PB's happen.

Today the drag strip at Meremere was open for 4 hours this evening for drag racers to do some testing before the next round of the NZ Nationals this weekend. We decided to head down with our tuner to do some data logging to find out why the car wasn't behaving the last time we were racing, which was at the 4&Rotary Nationals in January. Maybe he could identify the issue and help us fix it before racing this weekend.

To cut a long story short we found out what the issue was as soon as we started the car and looked at the tune while the car was idling. The tune was fixed in 5 minutes thanks to his handy work. We gave the car a quick once over and lined up for our first pass of the night.

9.56 second pass for our first run - a new PB! beating our previous best time of 9.74 seconds. We looked at the data logging for that run and it looked ok, so we filled the car up with more gas and lowered the tires pressure a little more and off we went for another pass.

9.32 seconds @ 150mph on the second pass - a new PB again! The only issue on that run was we hit the rev limiter before we crossed the finish line. We increased our rev limit for the next run, but we were no longer allowed to race due to it being to dark to run as we have no headlights.

Its amazing how fast that frustration just washes away the moment you achieve a new PB.

Pretty pleased with how everything went tonight. Fingers crossed this can continue during racing this weekend.

A big thanks goes to Tom, Dave from Tune Technic and Jason from GRP Automatics for their help tonight.