Sunday, 19 June 2011

Nissan RB25DET Build.

Ready to bore the block.

Decking the block.

Decking and Boring complete.

Block has been painted and new frost plugs fitted.

Machining the crank to fit the Hytech Crank Collar.

Crank showing the new Hytech Crank Collar fitted. Crank journals have also been polished.

Cylinder head completely stripped.

Intake ports have been ported.

Exhaust ports have been ported.

New Hytech bronze valve guides fitted.

Some parts ready to be fitted.

The completed head. Kelford Cams, 1mm oversize stainless valves, heavy duty springs and retainers, Hytech bronze valve guides, port and polished.

Balancing the crank assembly.

Balancing the forged pistons.

Balancing the forged rods.

Setting the ring gaps.

Forged rods fitted to forged pistons.

ACL race bearings and ARP studs fitted.

Checking crank end float.

Pistons, rods, Nitto oil pump, ARP studs, new genuine Nissan water pump etc fitted to engine.

The custom sump extension has been made and fitted.

Head fitted to the block.

Timing the cams.

The completed engine!