Monday, 31 January 2011

4 & Rotary Nationals 2011

The 4 & Rotary Nationals is over for another year, and we can't wait until next year. Our car was on display at the Show on Saturday, then we were off racing at Meremere on Sunday.

We finished 4th in S/M (sport mod) class which we we pretty happy with. We changed the suspension setup and were running M/T slicks for the first time, so the car drove alot differently to the previous setup, we strated off running 10.8 and made small changes to the setup after each run. We finished the day running consistant 10.3's. Towards the end of the day the car developed an electrical issue causing the car's engine to cut out during a run and then fire back to life just a quickly as it cut out. On a positive note, we managed to run our best 60ft time of 1.42 seconds which is great. On our last run of the day we are sure we ran a high 1.3 60ft time but the time slip didn't record it (!?!) We are confident that we can crack a 9 second pass as we continue to make small changes to find the new setup's ideal settings.