Saturday, 5 December 2009

Hytech Evo finishes 3rd in class at Import Allstars 2009

The day was long and very hot. We had a few little issues throughout the day which meant the car wasn't performing as it should. We managed to achieve a new personal best time in the car with a 10.65 at 215kph. This in only 0.13 seconds quicker in ET, but the top speed is up 21kph! This means there are lower ET's to be had in the car. The car ran the new PB time sticking with the 20psi boost pressure. In the semi-final of the Pro Import class we decided to up the boost pressure to 25psi because we were up against a very quick (and eventual class winner) mitsi evo powered mirage. This turned out to be something the drivetrain didn't agree with, resulting in the evo breaking a front axle when launching off the line.