Friday, 20 November 2009

Hytech Engines represents at Round 2 of Night Speed Drag Wars!

Dick Richardson (The Boss) won the Turbo 4WD class with a best ET of 11.15 during the night in his R32 GTR. The car had a small problem with the Line lock switch not working which meant he couldn't warm up the slick tyres before racing. This made the tyres slippery. Maybe it was a good thing because if the car went quicker than 11.00 he would be disqualified for going to fast for the race bracket.

It was also a great night for the Hytech GSR/EVO. The car was kicked out of the Turbo 4WD class for being too fast and was not allowed to compete in the points series. This resulted in a series of exhibition passes throughout the night. David Kemble piloted the car to a series of 10 second passes, the best of the night a 10.7 ET. The car should run around 10.5 on it's current boost setting of 20psi and 21psi tyre pressure. Their is still more left in the car and more boost to run :) Thank you to our sponsors INTERCLEAN for the race fuel for the night and KASPA TRANSMISSION (Otahuhu) for making sure the diffs, standard gearbox and clutch were in good shape for the night.

Below are 2 video clips from the nights racing. See our Facebook page for better quality videos.